1When will my order ship?

Made to order pieces are typically created to your specifications within 14 business days. pieces usually won't require a full 14 day wait, however, Murphy's Law likes to remind us of its existence from time to time and 14 days gives us a nice cushion.

Hand sculpted pieces are usually ready to ship within 7 days after orders are placed, as they are given final touches before being sent off to their new homes.

After orders are completed and packed with care, they are dropped off with our shipping carrier every Friday.

2What is your return policy?

Made to order anklets, bracelets, necklaces and body chains may be exchanged for another size within 7 days of the date of delivery. Sale items, crystals, home decor, hand sculpted pieces and one of a kind pieces (i.e crystal vials and themed collection items) are FINAL SALE.

Please refer to our General Policies page for details.

3Is Gilded Grotto jewelry safe for sensitive skin?

Most people with sensitive skin should be able to wear our brass, copper, stainless steel, solid gold and 14k gold-filled jewelry with no problem. However, depending on the severity of sensitivity, hyper-sensitive souls may still have reactions to these metals.

Those who are allergic to nickel (aka the majority of folks with "sensitive skin") should stay away from all plated pieces.

For more details about metal content, allergens, and sensitivities, please visit our Metal Information page.

4Do you have any men's jewelry?

YES!! In The Grotto, you can find jewelry for EVERYONE! Gender labels do not apply to jewelry, so if you love it, WEAR IT!

We try our best to offer a wide range of ring sizes and necklace/bracelet lengths, so sit down, browse the site, and find the piece that speaks to you.

5Can I wear my pieces in the shower?

Absolutely! Both 18k gold plated pieces and 14k gold-filled pieces can be worn in the shower, the pool, at the beach, and while you work out.

It should go without saying that, over time, the gold layer on plated pieces WILL fade away eventually, and avoiding contact with water will prolong the life of your beloved plated pieces. Don't worry though, you can hop in the pool or shower with peace of mind knowing that once you dry off, your items will be just as shiny as the day you received them.

Gold-Filled pieces are good to go for a lifetime, as the thick layer of gold on these pieces does not fade, ever.

It should be noted that brass, bronze, and copper pieces should be taken off before coming into contact with any liquids. Pieces created with these metals may tarnish and/or oxidize after coming into contact with liquids and leave a lovely green mark on your skin (which is perfectly harmless btw).

Any tarnishing that occurs due to water is reversible, but please refer to our Jewelry Care page for material specific information.

6How can I place a custom order?

At the moment, The Grotto is not accepting custom orders, with the exception of custom length anklets or bracelets that are already offered on the site. Join our mailing list to be notified when custom commissions re-open. 

7Can you replace the ankh charm on my piece with something else?

We're glad you asked, and we know exactly why you asked.

It's easy to mistake the ankh for a religious symbol, and we completely understand some folks' request to remove it. 

Rest assured, the Egyptian ankh is NOT A RELIGIOUS SYMBOL. It is an hieroglyphic symbol (medu neter) used by ancient Egyptians to represent the word "life" or "eternal life".

At Gilded Grotto, the ankh holds special meaning, because creative energy is an eternal force in itself. Our human vessels are here for a very short time, but with each decade, century, and millenia, the creatives in our timelines literally bring to life new and amazing things that leave their mark on the world long after they leave the physical plane. Creativity, to us, is the truest and most potent key to eternal life, which is why it is included on most Grotto pieces.

That being said, the ankh is an integral part of Gilded Grotto designs, and, in order to stay in line with our brand's integrity, requests to remove the ankh symbol are unable to be fulfilled. 

8Do crystals really work?

That's entirely up to you and the work you put in to build a relationship with your piece.

It is our belief that crystals and minerals are simply energetic tools provided by Mother Earth to assist us on our healing journeys. By meditating with and/or consciously embodying the properties of crystals through our everyday actions, we have the potential to see major changes in our vibration and energetic field.

In short, they do work WITH you if you are actively doing the work required to elevate your energy.

9Did you REALLY make ALL these?! *gazes in awe*

YES! Yes I did. Most of the questions above were answered with "we" and "our" pronouns, but this entire show is really run by ONE person.

I, Cara Elysse, am the founder and sole individual behind Gilded Grotto. Everything you can think of that it takes to keep this boat floating, I'm the one doing it. From creating the pieces themselves, to packing, shipping, customer service, social media, product photography, modeling, editing, website updates and design, that's all me. 

Nothing you see on this site is outsourced to manufacturers or drop shipped. With the exception of the curated thrifted finds on the site, every item in the Grotto was designed, created, sculpted, and assembled...by ME. 


*and yes, this was meant to be read in the key of Snoop Dogg

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