frequently asked questions

1When will my order ship?

Made to order pieces are typically created to your exact specifications within 14 business days. Hand sculpted pieces are usually ready to ship within 7 days after ordering. After orders are completed and packed with care, they are dropped off with our shipping carrier on the 15th and 30th of each month.

2What is your return policy?

Made to order anklets, bracelets, necklaces and body chains may be exchanged for another size within 7 days of the date of delivery. Sale items, crystals, home decor, hand sculpted pieces and one of a kind pieces (i.e crystal vials and themed collection items) are FINAL SALE. Refer to our Return & Exchange Policy for details.

3I have sensitive skin, can I wear Gilded Grotto jewelry?

Without knowledge of your specific metal allergy, this question is pretty tricky. Most people with sensitive skin should be able to wear our 14k gold-filled jewelry with no problem. However, this may not be the case for hypersensitive folks. Please see our Metal Information page for more details about allergens and sensitivies.

4Can my pieces get wet?

Absolutely! Both 18k gold plated pieces and 14k gold-filled pieces can be worn in the shower, the pool, at the beach, and while you work out. Obviously, over time, gold plating will fade, and avoiding contact with water will prolong the life of your beloved pieces. But don't worry, you can hop in the pool or shower with peace of mind knowing that your items will be just as shiny as when you received them. On the flip side, it should be noted that hand sculpted, brass, bronze, and copper pieces should be taken off before coming into contact with any liquids. Please see our Jewelry Care page for more information.

5Do you have any Men's jewelry?

YES!! The Grotto creates jewelry for EVERYONE! It is our belief that gender labels do not apply to jewelry, so if you love it, WEAR IT! We try our best to offer a wide range of ring sizes and necklace/bracelet lengths, so sit down, browse the site, and find the piece that speaks to you

6Can I place a custom order?

Currently, The Grotto is not accepting custom orders, with the exception of custom length anklets or bracelets that are already offered on the site.

7Can you replace the ankh charm on my piece with something else?

We're glad you asked, and we know exactly why you asked. It's easy to mistake the ankh for a religious symbol, and we completely understand some folks' request to remove it. However, the Egyptian ankh is NOT a religious symbol. It is an hieroglyphic symbol used by ancient Egyptians represent the word "life" or "eternal life". At Gilded Grotto, the ankh holds special meaning, because as creators, we feel our unique ideas and creations serve as our eternal mark on this physical plane. ALL that being said, the ankh is an integral part of Gilded Grotto designs, and altering the design of any piece beyond the variations offered is not possible at this time.

8Do crystals really work?

It is our belief that crystals and minerals are beautiful energetic tools provided by Mother Earth to assist us on our healing journeys. By meditating with and consciously embodying the properties of crystals through our everyday actions, we have the potential to see major changes in our vibration and energetic field.

9Did you REALLY make ALL these?!?

YES! Yes I did. I get this question a lot mostly at pop-up shows, but I wanted to include it on the site for fun. I, Cara Elysse, am the sole individual behind Gilded Grotto. I do not have manufacturers that mass produce my ideas for me, nothing you see on this site is drop shipped, and every single item in the Grotto was designed, created, sculpted, and assembled...by ME.

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