In the Grotto, we like our accessories with a side of imagination. Explore our themed collections and add a little excitement to your jewelry box

shipwreck blues

you’ll look wonderful in spots…


you’ll look wonderful in spots…

phantom manor

in doorless chambers hinges creak-

a distant wail, a piercing shriek

footsteps faint, a slamming door

…quoth the raven, “nevermore”

fathoms below

I’ll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue – an enchanting sight to behold…  where the ocean’s the deepest, and mermaids roam free, in mysterious fathoms below..

dracula's wedding

Hell is empty and the monsters are here to celebrate the unholiest of matrimonies….

Inspired by all your favorite ghouls and goblins, Dracula’s Wedding is a love letter to all things horror, and the creatures that go bump in the night

Honey Drip

Welcome to the land of milk and honey…

The Honey Drip collection is an expression of admiration and appreciation for the bees that make the world go round, and the honey they create that makes life so much sweeter

Atlantis Rising

Inspired by the lost empire of Atlantis and the destructive force of nature that dragged it to the bottom of the ocean, this collection features raw stones, rugged textures, and tranquil blue hues that showcase both the healing and sometimes cataclysmic temperament of the sea.

Return Of The Cat

Pull off the jewel heist of the century with the Return of the Cat collection… Inspired by Gotham City’s iconic feline fatale, these pieces strike the perfect balance between latex-clad rebel and diamond dripped luxury.  

The Miseducation
of Harley Quinn

It could all be so simple, but we’d rather make it unhinged… Larger than life statement pieces and asymmetrical designs take center stage in this crystal circus. 

That Girl Is Poison

Never trust a big plant and a smile… 

Bedrock Boom

The Stone Age, with an Afroprehistoric twist… Fossils, dinosaur bones, and jagged silhouettes send you on a journey through time with the second installment of the Cretaceous Collection: Bedrock Boom.