the Grotto

Launched in 2019 and founded in Compton, CA, Gilded Grotto is not so much a brand, but a trove of conceptual creative expression. In this trove of imagination, you’ll find one of a kind, handmade jewelry and accessories, along with a carefully curated selection of unique vintage wares. 

With our unorthodox approach to jewelry design and the belief that accessories should always make a statement, our handcrafted pieces break all the rules  and makes the ritual of adornment an experience of the senses.

In short, Gilded Grotto is home to creations that are the purest expressions of the inner workings of our mind.

about the artist

There are two things in this world I love the most, putting a look together, and having fun while doing it. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to express myself through creation. Before I decided to fully commit myself to a life in jewelry design, I made a living creating looks through makeup, hair styling, costuming, interior design, along with several other forms of visual artistry. With my sun in Pisces, creativity and unconventionality come as naturally as breathing, and the magic you see here is the result of what happens when I create what I feel.

When it comes to inspiration, my inner child takes the wheel and runs off, which is why most of my collections are themed. What I love most is taking a concept from one of my favorite movies, anime, or daydreams and turning it into a physical, wearable adornment.