Jewelry Details

Every Grotto creation is wearable art and should be worn with love and care.Once in your possession, you are responsible for the safety and wear and tear of your piece.


  • Crystals may be fragile and can crack or break if they come into contact with any hard surface.
  • Hold necklaces near to you when bending to avoid hitting hard surfaces
  • Avoid getting sculpted pieces wet. Take sculpted jewelry off when showering, exercising, or swimming.


* If a sculpted piece breaks, cracks or chips, repairs may be made on a case by case basis.

If the item was purchased within the last 2 months and we have confirmed we are able to repair the item, there is a 10% repair fee. If the item was purchased over 2 months ago, there is a 20% repair fee.
There are no replacements , repairs, or exchanges offered for jewelry with broken STONES.
All sales are final.