Crystal Glossary


CLUSTERS – A group of several crystal points growing from the same base. Radiates energy outward in all directions.

DOUBLE TERMINATED POINTS – Single crystal with a point at each end. Energy flows both ways.

POINTS – Single crystal with point at one end. Usually broken from a larger cluster. Energy flows in one direction.

ELESTIAL – Contains unusual terminations, etchings, or cavities covering the entire body of the crystal, usually formed in layers. Assists in accessing divine energy and angelic communication.

FENSTER – Clear, double terminated variety of Elestial Quartz. Helps connect one to discover life path, and allows access to spiritual knowledge.

LEMURIAN SEED – Characterized by horizontal, bar code like lines on more sides of the crystal. Accesses ancient knowledge, removes energy blockages, spiritual transformation.

TANTRIC TWIN – Two parallel, individual crystal points whose bodies originate from the same base. Assists with healing interpersonal relationships, and promotes tolerance and understanding.

TABULAR – Flat variety of quartz. Usually twice as wide as it is deep. Used to charge smaller crystals, and to facilitate body & spirit harmony.

FADEN – Tabular Quartz with a milky white line running through it. Assists in healing or forming connections.

PHANTOM – Occurs when minerals settle on crystal when it has stopped growing, and then some time later the crystal continues to grow, trapping the mineral inside. Used to assist in transformations, transitions, and moving on.

RAINBOW – Contains rainbow inside crystal. Occurs when crystal experiences some form of physical trauma or sudden extreme temperature change. Promotes transformation, moving on, and releasing past traumas.

LASER – Long, slender form of quartz that is wider at base and tapers to a point. Draws negativity out and away from the body.

CRYSTAL BALL – Used to access knowledge of past, future and present events. Also used to send energy over long distances.

DOW – Characterized by 3 seven sided faces with a triangular face between each of them. Used for Higher Self connection and divine balance.

RECORD KEEPER – Contains one or more naturally etched triangles on one or more surface of the crystal. Used for past life recollection, access to Akashic records, and promotes balance and connection.

ISIS – Crystal with at least one (usually symmetrical) 5-sided face on termination face. Promotes nurturing energy, assists in healing emotional pain.

SCEPTER – Characterized by a terminated crystal formed over a central crystal, resembling a royal scepter. Used for manifestation, promotes action & expansion, dissolves energy blockages.

CATHEDRAL – Crystal is characterized by one central point, with shorter, parallel points growing all around the crystal, resembling a castle. Used to recall past life lessons, and soul path discovery.

CANDLE – Center point surrounded by smaller points at its base, resembling dripping candle wax. Promotes light energy, assists in shadow work, illuminating darker aspects of ourselves.

GENERATOR – Crystal has 6 termination faces that meet at the very top of the point. Assists with mind, body, and spirit healing.

ACTIVATION (TIME LINK) – Characterized by a slanted or centered diamond shaped window on its terminations. Crystals with right slanted windows are believed to allow access to knowledge of future events, while left slanted windows allow access to the past. Perfectly centered windows are said to enhance clairvoyance.

ENHYDRO QUARTZ – Crystal containing a small amount of water or unsolidified quartz that has formed a bubble. Some specimens contain water that moves around inside the bubble. Used for mind, body, and spirit cleansing.

DRUZY – Characterized by a mass of small crystals covering the entire surface of another rock. Typically forms inside geodes. Radiates energy outwards in all directions.

GEODE – Hollow rock with hundreds to thousands of tiny crystals growing inside it.

DOLPHIN QUARTZ – Characterized by a larger terminated crystal accompanied by a much smaller (usually double terminated) “baby” crystal, growing on the side of the “mother” crystal. Used for teaching and guiding others.

CROSS – Forms in the shape of an “X” or cross. Used to clear and activate chakras.

BRIDGE – Also known as Inner Child crystals, these are characterized by one smaller crystal penetrating a larger crystal, usually perpendicular, and partially inside and outside of the larger crystal. Assists with inner self work, especially when healing the inner child, as well as connecting to other people.

BURR – A type of crystal cluster that does not have a base, so the terminations point outwards in all directions from the center of the cluster. Releases self-imposed restrictions and inhibitions.

CRATER – Characterized by a 3 to 6-sided crater or indentation where another crystal was attached but separated at some point during its life cycle. Used to assist with processing grief and loss.

ET (EXTRA TERMINATIONS) – Crystal has single termination on one end, with multiple terminations on the other end. Used in healing work