Gilded Grotto


Launched in 2019 and founded in Compton, CA, Gilded Grotto is an accessory and lifestyle brand that believes strongly in the magic of individuality and creative expression. 

Like crystals, minerals and stones, no two people in this universe are exactly alike (including identical twins). With this fact in mind, the core belief of the Grotto is that your jewelry should be just as unique as you are. When you think about the jewelry we choose to adorn ourselves with, it’s a reflection of our style, our personality, our interests, and a visual representation of whatever mood we might be in on any given day. Some of us have distinct styles, and some of our styles are a mash-up of our many different interests – always changing, always evolving, always willing to try new things. Whatever your individuality looks like, Gilded Grotto has something created with you in mind.

Cara Elysse -designer

Above all else, I live to create.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a creator. As a Pisces sun, imagination and creativity come as naturally to me as breathing. I draw, I paint, I sculpt, I’ve styled hair, beat faces, created clothing, costumes, and created entire worlds with my own two hands. I’m often asked what inspires me, and although vague, the answer is always: EVERYTHING. I love to take an idea, and then manifest in this reality with as many different mediums I can think of. I’m dedicated to creating worlds and then sending wearable and functional pieces of those worlds out into the larger universe.